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LUSC on virallisesti nyt Old Peacockin lease holder seuraavat 12v. Ei parempaa paikkaa vois Supporters' Clubilla olla, kun viimeiset kaks vuotta ollaan oltu lähinnä evakossa. Oliko 3 v sitte kun meiltä vietiin Captain's Loungen pub ja 2 v sitten Pavillion. Oltiin Lowfieldillä (The Magic Sponge, Soccer City, Lowfields Road), mutta nyt on kuin olis palattu paratiisiin!

50-luvullahan oli Elland Roadilla Club House, mutta 1996 se purettiin ja siis siitähän lähti se evakkoreissu. Ikkunoissa on teksti että LEEDS FANS ONLY. Ennen en tykänny siellä kovasti käydä, mutta nyt taidan muuttaa sinne asumaan. :D

Tässä vielä eilisestä Newsletteristä:

During the past few days we have become aware of 'whispers' regarding our take over of the Old Peacock. These are along the lines of ’we only took the Peacock on to poke a certain businessman in the eye’. Let me explain clearly and unequivocally THIS IS NOT THE CASE!

Firstly to do this would be commercial suicide. The suggestion that the amount of time, effort and money that has been spent on purchasing the pub was just to ’poke some one in the eye’ is too ludicrous for words. Secondly, the only way it could be ’a poke in the eye’ would be if the afore mentioned gentleman wished to buy the business himself. As far as we are aware there were only two other interested parties, neither of whom were known to us. This would suggest to me that for whatever reason, he was not interested

Thirdly, and most importantly, we need to look at the history. In the late 50’s the Supporters Club was given a piece of land on Elland Road to build a clubhouse, this was built. When the ground was sold to the City Council, this piece of land was included, no transfer of ownership had been made. In 1996 the building was demolished and we were ’nomads’. Shortly after this it was decided, and minuted, that we set up a fund in order to acquire new premises. Many options were looked at including buying a plot and building new premises. The costs however spiralled, and the longer we looked, the more the costs increased. Finally earlier this year, 10 years after the decision to find premises, we became aware that the Old Peacock was available as a going concern. It would have been a very forward looking committee to make that decision all those years ago, in case the Peacock came up for sale in the future, and on the off chance that we wanted to poke the incumbent Chairman of LUFC in the eye!

In case anyone is in any doubt, we did not seek any publicity when we took over. Our plans were being discussed on an independent fans website, which was picked up by a local journalist, who, after discussion with ourselves ran the story on the day of the take over. Our sole reason for taking over the Peacock was to give us some sort of permanent home, this I believe has been done. Anyone outside of LUSC who says differently is talking from an uninformed position.